Consulting Services

Hospital, School and Corporate Staff Support

We are trained critical incident stress debriefers and have several years of experience providing debriefings to hospital staff of all disciplines, as well as designing and facilitating monthly support groups with resident and attending physicians. Kind Minds Therapy offers recurring wellness groups, wellness groups for schools, hospitals, and organizations. We create, implement, and facilitate wellness curricula to provide comprehensive staff support - designed to reduce burnout, address compassion fatigue, and improve staff morale. We also offer on-demand critical incident stress debriefing groups to debrief a specific challenge such as major organizational changes, employee death or serious illness, student/parent death or serious illness, and/or other traumatic events.

School Presentations

We have extensive experience providing educational presentations in school settings. We offer school presentations in the area of pediatric health, childhood development, trauma informed teaching, developmentally appropriate school interventions, executive functioning and more.  We use humor, creativity, and an interactive, dynamic presentation style to engage our audiences.

Speaking Engagements

We are experienced speakers in the areas of child development, psychosocial assessment and intervention, health literacy, cultural competency, healthcare transitions, program development, crucial conversations and more. We have participated as panelists on various topics, and have facilitated professional development sessions in hospital, school, community and corporate settings. We offer speaking engagements and professional development of all types.