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School Supply

Tutoring/Executive Functioning Support

  • Does your child or teen struggle to complete homework or school assignments?

  • Is it difficult to help your child find motivation to engage in remote learning?

  • Do you find your child or teen is easily distracted?

  • Is it challenging to help your child or teen complete school work, chores, or other tasks?

  • Does your child struggle with organization?

  • Is your child having difficulty performing in school and you don't know why?

Many children and adolescents have difficulty with executive functioning skills such as paying attention, organizing, planning & prioritizing, starting tasks & staying focused on them to completion, understanding different points of view, regulating emotions, and self-monitoring. At Kind Minds Therapy, we will work with your child to build these essential skills, and equip him/her with the tools needed to succeed at home, school, and beyond. 

Tutoring/Executive Functioning Support: Service
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