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Adolescent Therapy

  • Has your teen been having a hard time adapting to stress and change related to Covid-19?

  • Have you noticed your teen worrying often, overthinking, or constantly stressed out?

  • Does your teen seem down, angry, distant or lost?

  • Is your teen struggling with body image or low self-esteem?

  • Are you concerned your teen is losing interest in activities they previously enjoyed?

  • Do you worry that your teen is developing problematic coping skills?

Adolescence is an especially confusing and challenging time for both children and parents. Teens are seeking increased autonomy and meaning while adjusting to physical, emotional, and social changes. Most teens thrive when given the time and space to express themselves, and to find techniques to manage their emotions in healthy ways. Through a creative combination of acceptance and commitment therapy, internal family systems/ parts work, cognitive behavioral therapy, strengths based therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness based therapy and expressive arts therapies, we will help your teenager develop a deeper relationship with him/herself. We will help him/her identify existing strengths, and learn to cope with the many challenges of finding happiness and fulfillment on the road to adulthood and independence. 

In need of professional expertise surrounding a specific problem? We offer short term counseling (1-4 sessions) to discuss a specific need. We will work together to understand your area of concern and offer actionable strategies that you can implement immediately.

Adolescent Therapy: Services
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