Adult Therapy

  • Do you ever feel anxious or overwhelmed with life?

  • Are isolation and quarantine leaving you feeling overloaded or struggling to get through the day?

  • Do you feel like you are constantly ruminating over your thoughts or decisions that you have made?

  • Do you have difficulty concentrating or do you struggle with time management?

  • Do you have difficulty managing relationships?

  • Are you experiencing a life transition such as a break-up, move, new job or personal loss?

  • Do you ever feel alone or that you are on a different life-trajectory than your friends or family?

We know that life is hard, with many unpredictable twists and turns. We may not be in control of what happens, but we can learn to be in control of how our minds, bodies, and souls react to these situations. We believe in the tremendous impact that connecting our thoughts, feelings, & behaviors can have on our wellbeing. We are here to help you create the life you envision for yourself. 

In need of professional expertise surrounding a specific problem? We offer short term counseling (1-4 sessions) to discuss a specific need. We will work together to understand your area of concern and offer actionable strategies that you can implement immediately.


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